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 Recommend using our Himalayan Salt!

 Help with nasal problems naturally!

 Free of bleaches, preservatives or chemical additives.

Health & Wellness Products

Salt Nasal Wash

Salt Deodorants

Salt inhaler

Item No. 1301

Item No. 1302

Salt Nasal Wash

Salt Detoxification Blocks Set of 2

Item No. 1303

Item No. 1304

Salt Massage Stones

Item No. 1305

Pink Bath Salt

(1 lb)

Item No. 1306

Pink Bath Salt

(1 lb)

Pink Foot Soaking Salt (500 G)

Item No. 1307

Item No. 1308

Salt Massage Pillow/Cushion

Item No. 1309

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Health & Wellness Products

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Animal Licking Salt

Salt Lamp

Salt Candle Holder


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